Our Programs

The Jewish Education Program (JEP) of Westchester serves as an open, dynamic resource for Jews of diverse ages and backgrounds. JEP offers an array of enjoyable and innovative programs designed to engage and inspire those seeking to explore their heritage. Please join us at an upcoming event.

Interactive Study Groups

Network of interactive, guided study groups where Jews of diverse backgrounds come together to explore the timeless wisdom of Jewish tradition and its application to contemporary life. Learn More.

Jewish Heritage Lectures

JEP's popular lecture series features dynamic lecturers from across North America and Israel. The lectures captivate, entertain and inspire our audiences. Learn More.

Ask the Rabbi

Your direct line for posing any question of personal interest about Judaism. Ask us anything that’s on your mind.
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Women's Learning

JEP's women's division is focused on fostering the unique spirituality of contemporary Jewish women. Programs are tailored to the specific interests and demanding schedules of women "trying to balance it all". Learn More.


JEP offers inspirational weekend retreats. Learn More.

Professional Enrichment

JEP focuses on creating learning opportunities for Jews in the workplace. Through board room study groups, lunch and learn, one-on-one executive learning, and networking events with an educational flair, JEP provides Jewish professionals with engaging learning opportunities that fit seamlessly into a hectic schedule. Learn More.